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9th Anniversary

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Join Eyes Like Mine Inc. as we celebrate 9 years of sharing awareness about vision loss and vision loss resources. This event is open to all. Pre-registration is required. No cost to attend. Vendors will be present, eye screenings, light refreshments, and raffles!

We will announce our member of the year, supportive honorees, and the announcement of a new movement to empower community. You will have the opportunity to meet and greet our 2022 titleholder Ms. Goddest Johnson Ms. Blind Diva 2022, sign up for the return of “Dancing with the Blind,” and more!

Wheelchair Access link Accessible (Washington St. Entrance)
Date: Friday, March 31st, 2023

Location and Address: The Newark Museum 49 Washington St, Newark, NJ 07102

For more information, contact email us at or call us at 973-327-3035.

Crushing in the Kitchen

Crushing in the kitchen flyer

Eyes Like Mine brings you Ms. Independent Crushing in the Kitchen with Talia Woodard Miss Blind Diva Mondays @ 12 Noon EST. Click the below button to check out her fan page.

Ms. Blind Diva Empowerment Pageant 2023 Applications are now open

Congratulations to Ms. Blind Diva 2022, Goddest Johnson!

Goddest Johnson Diva Title Holder
Goddest is well known as “FIGHT” (Faith Is Getting Her Through).  Goddest soul provides a real-life comprehensive perspective or living an independent successful life beyond vision loss as she utilizes comprehensive skill training classes, resource training, community outreach events to educate as well as motivate and show what is possible to blind and visually impaired adults and children by allowing them to live a productive and independent life beyond vision loss.
Goddest travels the world and has done speaking engagement.  May 15, 2022, she received an honorary and was the only honorary who was asked to speak to over 500 Women at “Women Of Orlando luncheon (“Orem by Monique Scott Nichols”). Many of her friends flew from various areas in the United States to see her speak that sold out the event.  Rising above expectations is something that comes as no obstacle to Goddest.  Goddest was born in September 1980 and spent the early part of her childhood residing in Chicago Illinois with her mother; a single parent who suffered from mental illness and a severe drug addiction.  Goddest was the oldest of her four siblings in which her childhood took a major change when she was seven years old and her mother went to prison for life. At the most trying time in her life at this point she began her journey as becoming a client of the foster care system.  By the age of 15, Goddest has had already live in over nine different foster homes and 11 different group homes. Due to several different circumstances Goddest has made the decision to become emancipated at the age of 16 and take on the responsibility of an adult.
Later she became the sole guardian of her sister and was determined to show her what could be possible with determination and staying focused. To set this example Goddest became the first one of her siblings to graduate from high school. When Goddest was 21 years of age her younger brother went to prison and was given 44 years, this left her devastated but shined a new light towards her future. At this point she was determined to keep reaching out and breaking the cycle to give others hope and something to look up to.  Goddest, went on to obtain her bachelor’s from NOVA Southeastern University which was one of the greatest accomplishments.  Goddest needed a way to give back so becoming a nurse only seemed like a perfect idea to her.  Perfect until life took another unexpected turn in February 2009.  Goddest was involved in a tragic car accident which left her legally blind.  In spite of all of Goddest obstacles that she face, the proudest moment was when she met the mother of NBA All-Star Shaquille O’Neal (Shack) Lucille O’Neil who interviewed her and was brought to tears while she stated to Goddest that Goddest was her inspiration and how Goddest touched her life in a major way by giving her the motivation to press through when most people did not know that she was struggling with her own visual impairment.  Goddest shared that Lucille O’Neil was the first person who inspired her to share her story and she has been doing so since.
This amazing woman of God has many amazing stories that put tears to the eyes of the listener when she speaks.”

Congratulations to Ms. Independent 2022, Talia Woodard!

Ms. Independent 2022 Talia Wooder picture
Talia Woodard is a licensed massage therapist specializing in pregnancy massage. Talia enjoys reading, swimming, and cooking. Talia has a passion for advocating for the blind and is actively involved in many organizations that cater to the needs of the blind and visually impaired. Talia aims to inspire others, specifically those in the blind community that the possibilities are endless!

Diva Title Holders

Goddest Johnson, Miss Blind Diva 2022 and Talia Woodard, Miss Independent 2022

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